314 Sexual Health Specialist - Sexologist & Psychoanalyst - Hyderabad


Sexual health is a broad area that encompasses many inter-related challenges and problems. Key among the issues and concerns are human rights related to sexual well-being, sexual pleasure, eroticism , and sexual satisfaction, diseases (HIV/AIDS, STIs, RTIs), violence, female genital mutilation, sexual dysfunction, and mental health related to sexual wellness.

Sexual health concerns are life situations that can be addressed through education about sexuality and society-wide actions in order to promote the sexual well-being of individuals. The health sector has a role to play in assessment, and in providing counseling and care.


  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Treatment of Premature/ Early Ejaculation
  • Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
  • Treatment of Low/Loss of Libido
  • Treatment of Low Sperm Count
  • Treatment of Sex & Masturbation Addiction
  • Treatment of Impotency
  • Treatment of Sexual Weakness in Male
  • Sex Therapy For Couples
  • Pre Marital Counseling About Contraception, Fertility
  • Marital Therapy
  • Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Treatment for Female Orgasmic Disorder
  • Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder
  • Treatment of vaginismus
  • Treatment of Dysparenuria/ Painful Intercourse
  • Treatment of Vaginal Dryness
  • Treatment of Non Consummated Marriage
  • Treatment of Idiopathic Infertility
  • Substance/Medication-Induced Sexual Disorder
  • Gender Identity Disorder Counseling
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Counseling About Maintaining Safe Sexual Practices
  • Menopausal Sexual Reorientation for Couples
  • Adolescents Sex Education

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