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September 5, 2020
Theme - World Sexual Health Day 2020

Sexual Pleasure in Times of Covid-19

This is the theme for World Sexual Health Day, 2020 – “Sexual Pleasure in Times of Covid-19”. The new world situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic […]
August 28, 2020


Several experts see it as a biologically rooted condition that does not change. However the most of the medical fraternity views it as a paraphilia, a […]
May 9, 2020

Covid-19 Impact on sexual health

Q & A on sexual impact due to covid-19 pandemic Q: Are we even wanting sex in these covid-19 days?A: It’s hard to know yet. While […]
March 11, 2019

Intimacy Avoidance in the new age India couples

Intimacy avoidance in people cause the fear of the smothering sensation caused by enmeshment with another person. When these men and women are in a relationship […]

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