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April 19, 2018
senior couples intimacy

Intimacy in senior couples

The general perception and prejudices of an ‘asexual’ old age, of sex in older people being disgusting, or simply funny. Research suggests, that many older people […]
April 16, 2018
sexual problems

Sexual problems in married couples

This post discusses sexual problems in married couples Sexual disorder or dysfunction can be categorised as sexual desire disorder, sexual arousal disorder, orgasm disorders and sexual […]
April 5, 2018
intimacy causing pain not pleasure

Intimacy causing pain not pleasure in a woman

Seek treatment when intimacy causes pain not pleasure in a woman. What causes it? Vaginal infection Vaginismus Hormonal problems like thyroid. Menopause Lack of adequate foreplay […]
March 22, 2018
HIV Myths

HIV Myths Busted

Few HIV Myths busted. Q. HIV is a death sentence. A. Successful treatment of the virus can mean a long, normal life span. It’s key for […]

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