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My spouse doesn’t understand what I like in the bedroom. What do I do?


Talk about it. There’s no replacement for good old-fashioned communication. Sure, sex is a sensitive topic and you may hurt feelings by giving pointers, but you’re not giving pointers. You’re telling your spouse what you like. Most partners are happy to do what you like, especially if it drives you wild.

If you’re not having the kind of sex you like and you feel too embarrassed to talk about it, then that’s your ownership, not your partner’s. Get up the guts and just say it. You can’t expect your spouse to read your mind.

If, despite your attempt to communicate your needs doesn’t yield any result it best to consult a professional sexologist and sort things out before the problem becomes chronic and drives a gap between your spouse and you.

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Dr. Sharmila Majumdar is the First Female Sexologist in India, who specializes in Female & Male Sexual Dysfunction & Mental Health. Her professional experience comprises of National and International Consultations, co-authoring a Medical Handbook on “Male Infertility and Andrology”, Journal Publications, Presentations as a guest faculty at National & International Conferences on Sexology, Endocrinology, Gynecology & Psychology. She is also a Guest lecturer in several medical colleges in India. Dr. Sharmila Majumdar has also won an award for the best Presentation in Female Sexual Dysfunction in the National Conference of Sexology in 2008. She is also a columnist in leading local newspapers. She is a guest editor and a contributor in several medical portals and magazines. Dr. Sharmila Majumdar has rich experience of 11 years in the area of Sexual & Mental Health. She has successfully treated hundreds of patients globally. Her primary motto is optimal Sexual & Mental Health in Men and Women. She is up-to-date with the latest advancement in the emerging field of Sexual & Mental Health for the well-being of her patients. She strongly believes in the right to Physical, Sexual and Mental wellness. DR. SHARMILA MAJUMDAR IS AVAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION AT AVIS HOSPITAL, SEXUAL & MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC, HYDERABAD – 500033, TELENGANA, INDIA


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